Our philosophy is our mission

Nowadays, healthy and natural cuisine is the focus of our diet. In particular, trends in vegan and vegetarian diets are emerging. Every day we notice that our customers are especially looking for food without packaging, as well as household items without plastic and durable materials. That’s why, in order to put an end to one-off and low-quality products in time, we produce durable, plastic-free products for healthy kitchens, as well as increasing the fun of cooking and baking.


Handmade and exquisite design

In traditional ceramic art, we combine decorative and modern design with unique functionality and controllability. All our Evergrate products mean uncompromising quality and sharpness throughout life. Every part produced in our workshop is unique. Slight deviations in shape and color are clearly desirable – they emphasize the craftsmanship of the product. The highest quality white clay with fireclay is used for production. In addition, we only use tested and certified color pigments and glazes for food coloring. After the clay has been given a shape in the first stage, the ceramic surface is formed by hand and with high sensitivity. The clay is then fired for the first time. The result is stoneware dishes that are now carefully painted by hand. The second firing gives the ceramic a glaze, which gives the abrasion surface maximum wear resistance.